Saturday, 29 June 2013

DIY Time travel! Part 1

So....can I give you a practical guide on how to build a machine that will take you to meet the dinosaurs?

No.  Obviously. If I could I'd be counting the millions I won on the grand national a few years back.

Anyway, remember the real life Crocosaurus? Why would you want to?

You liked the Crocosaurus?


Alright, we'll try. First we'll look at how to travel forwards in time (compared to the rest of the world) just a tiny amount. It's not cheap, but it's the most do-able direction. 

First the 'how it works' bit:

So can we actually apply this?
Yyyyyeeeeees....... but now you'll really need those pennies: A few tens of millions paid to Space Adventures will buy you a holiday on the International Space Station. Now the space station doesn't just float in space. It's orbiting Earth at a speed of 27,743.8 km/h. 

Does that do anything to time on boad?

A bit: Over the time it's been up there the ISS has lost 0.0925 seconds compared to the rest of us. In effect it's moved nearly a hundredth of a second into the future - a measurable amount (and it's been measured) but not a lot.

We need something a bit stronger.

There is some natural time travel, on the scale we need, happening around us right now....

We can find some natural time travel - but it's strictly for tiny elementary particles. 

That's not gonna cut much ice with the man in the blue box.


So we'll need to go a bit further from home: Our best shot for a detectable amount of time travel is a visit to the Sun.

To be continued.....