Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Living in your dreams....

Are you fed up with being chased around the inside of a soap bubble by a machete wielding onion?

Yes? Really?

I was actually talking about things that happen during dreams, and forgot to mention it.

Perhaps you should start taking your pills again?

Anyway: Wouldn't it be cool to be aware while you were dreaming, and explore your own subconscious? 
The technique to do just that is called 'lucid dreaming'. It's been scientifically recognised for about thirty years, and is used to treat things like chronic nightmares. Here's a quick run down of the ideas behind it, courtesy of asapSCIENCE:

And, yes, lots of people who master this use it to have dream sex. 

Hell, why not?

This is probably all quite amusing to Buddhist monks, who have known about it for well over a thousand years. But for me (John, who writes most of the factual posts on here) it's a bit more personal: I've occasionally suffered from one of the less than fun brain glitches, sleep paralysis, so learning about the tricks the brain can play is literally my way of sleeping soundly at night.........