Monday, 15 July 2013

Big, badass, robot!

The terminator may have been fictional, but the Atlas droid definitely isn't:

Bought to you courtesy of the engineers at Boston Dynamics, (who really need to stop re-watching Terminator so much) the 150 kg robot is a climbing, rough terrain traversing, human hating minion of skyne... I mean it's a disaster relief  'helper' for us squishy meat bags. 

Atlas is a 'descendant' of the Petman robot....

....who was literally just designed to look and move like a human - it's job was to road test next generation suits and uniforms for America's military.

So is this hulking prototype the first step to mechanoid world domination? Should we all start stockpiling Thermite?

Well between Atlas's strength and Petmans human like qualities you have the makings of an Arnie style terminator.....

Luckily there's a but: Atlas and Petman both have a 'design feature' that any human being could use to take them down if they went nuts.

Watch the videos again - and here's a clue: See those leads running out of shot?