Thursday, 11 July 2013

International Space Station tour....

The International Space Station - it's been called this generation's Apollo.

Not by me - I'd call a space station.

In fact it's a giant airfix kit, held in the sky b string. At least, according to creationists it is.

Still, it's the size of a football field, laboratory for countless unique experiments, and port of call to space raft from Europe, Japan, America, and Russia.

And the view out of the windows at night is pretty stunning:

It's also been the first ever resort for space tourists - I suspect the creationists think they were all paid off by us godless scientists*.

In short, whatever you think of it, it is a massive achievement.

So why not let one of the guys who work there give you the (slightly out-of date) tour?

BTW the guides stuffy nose and red face is due to more blood flowing to a persons head in low gravity.
He's not stoned, I swear: If you want to smoke you have to stand on the porch.

And it's cold out there.

* Most of us 'godless scientists' have to work to get money, we can't just tell people that God said to give us some. So we don't have that much for bribes. Though, as a baptised Christian I do the charity thing with as much money as I can manage. To, like, actual charities - not high level creationists, who tend to be well off already.

Funny that.

And can you tell I have Views On Creationism?