Tuesday, 30 July 2013

How to jump out of a plane, with no parachute, and survive...

How do you jump out of a plane, with no parachute, and survive?

Like this:

Most wingsuit flyers still have to use a parachute because wing suit doesn't actually slow you down - it just turns some of the downwards motion into forwards motion. Which means the jumper's still going pretty damn fast as they approach the ground.

But look at this jump from another angle:

See how he cuts a huge long path threough the boxes before he stops? They slow him gradually. Newton's 2nd law says that the force you feel depends on how quickly your speed changes, multiplied by how heavy you are. So a slow stop means less force - it's the same reason that modern cars have crumple zones.

And it means that Gary here walks away grinning, instead of becoming a person pizza......