Tuesday, 2 February 2016

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's... a small tree?

The world gets weirder (to be frank I'm perfectly OK with that in this case): 

Now trees can fly. 

The Japanese art of Bonsai - basically growing a really small and beautifully gardened tree -  has been producing some astounding bits of horticulture for centuries. Bonsai trees have already been into space.....

...now they can fly under their own power... or at least the power of their levitating base.  

Once levitation was the province of sorcerers, witches, gods and demons. Today things are a bit different: There're a few ways to make something  something levitate: It can be done using electrostatics, with sound waves, using low temperatures and superconductors.....

....or as in this case - using magnetic fields. Now, you might think that it would take a rare and subtle genus, combined with a room full of expensive scientific equipment to pull this trick off. And you'd be dead wrong - here's an instructable for it!